ABB IMMFP02 Multi-Function Processor.
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The ABB IMMFP02 is a powerful microprocessor based controller that provides a wide range of solutions for processing control problems.

It also handles data acquisition and information processing requirements providing true peer to peer communications.

The ABB IMMFP02 is also able to execute complex user designed analog, digital, batch and advanced control strategies, with a maximum of 64 I/O modules in any combination for inputs and outputs.

The ABB IMMFP02 has three operating modes – execute, configure and error.

In execute mode, the module executes control algorithms while constantly checking itself for errors.

In configure mode, it is possible to edit existing or add new control algorithms.

When or if an error is found the module goes into error mode and the front panel LEDs display an error code corresponding to the type of error found.

The ABB IMMFP02 can also interface with NDCS03 Digital Control Station, and IISAC01 Analog Control Stations, with both stations providing Hand/Aut.

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Dimensions 43 × 36 × 16 cm