Our upgrades provide you with access to comprehensive, quality and highly cost effective upgrade solutions. We have the expertise to provide the best solution for the best price. With DCSPS part warranties, you can be assured of a low risk and cost effective solution.

Applying our extensive knowledge to your DCS installations, we advise and provide solutions that cover direct part replacements, obsolete part upgrades and roadmaps for continued high performance.

Our replacement parts are fully underwritten by our renowned testing processes. Whether it’s a Power Supply, Slave Card, Multi-Function Controller, Communications Module or Console hardware we can supply it.


DCSPS can advise on the most appropriate option for maintaining your investment in your DCS. If a new hardware upgrade is the best way forward for you, we can provide a full range of new equipment, supported by our support and full 1 year warranty. We help you plan for this type of upgrade, building in the lead time which can typically be 12-16 weeks from placement of order.


In our experience buying surplus hardware with our 12 month warranty can be the most cost effective solution to replacing faulty modules. We will make sure that the surplus equipment is compatible with your system and will offer advice and recommendations for all the options available.

We offer a vast range of ABB Net-90, INFI-90, Harmony and Symphony modules.

So, if you have a Bailey DCS that’s older than 10 years, you can be confident when investing in our fully tested and warranted stock of surplus parts.


Software and firmware upgrades are essential in keeping your DCS operating at optimum performance.

We will be pleased to assess your current installed software and firmware revisions and recommend any upgrades available. Typically, a short survey will be required which will enable us to gather all the information needed to produce a full report, together with our recommendations.

Software and firmware upgrades would usually require your DCS to be off-line. With a DCS structured risk analysis we can help with all scheduling of this process either controlled live or as part of a planned plant shutdown. By using DCSPS you can rest assured that we will maximise your production and minimise downtime.


As hardware and software becomes old and obsolete it’s important to keep your HMI consoles operating at their optimum performance. Everything around us is moving to the next revision or the faster processor and this also is true with your DCS.

You can be assured that with DCSPS’ expertise overseeing your DCS investment, you will be able to budget for and programme all HMI upgrades.

With faster and improved HMI consoles regularly becoming available, it is important to check that your HMI consoles are not becoming obsolete and un-serviceable. We offer many options that are available today and so you can be confident in taking advantage of the best solution for the best price.


Contact us to find out how we can help you maintain and develop your DCS installation.

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It