Your company is only as good as the knowledge your staff have and how they apply it to your business!

Our comprehensive training ensures your staff have the skills and know-how to apply this to their roles. Being flexible in our approach helps us create highly effective and engaging training. Our bespoke and pre-defined courses use your equipment or our demo platforms, and are delivered on-site or off-site at our premises or hotel.


Our training courses are designed to be responsive to our client’s needs, and can be customised to be site specific and orientated around the needs of your personnel.

We can also bring simulators to your site, or train your personnel at site using our equipment.

We can prevent the possibility of plant disruptions by using our simulators. This safe environment gives great confidence to the candidates, as modules and equipment can be removed, studied and examined without the worry of affecting a live plant.

Due to some equipment being on-line for many years and not being accessible to maintenance staff, the use of a simulator can also help candidates become familiar with this type of equipment. Then should a failure occur, the maintenance team will be familiar and confident with the installed equipment.


DCSPS offer a full range of training that can be delivered at our premises or other off-site location. We will setup equipment that replicates your site installation, so that candidates will be familiar with their own equipment.

We adapt our training environments to our client’s needs; formal like a classroom or relaxed and informal. Meals and refreshments will be provided on all courses.


Our The more knowledge and experience your technicians have the more efficient they will be at their job.

We listen to your requirements and then put together a comprehensive training program. Our specialised courses are written and tailored to your specific needs.

Our training can be implemented on-site or at our offices, and can be formal or informal. With instruction to an individual through to a classroom of candidates, divided into sessions or spread over different periods of time, you can be confident your staff will receive the best training for you needs.

Once you are satisfied with the program, DCSPS will give feedback and progress reports throughout the entire training period.


DCSPS can offer a “one on one” training option where we will train your technicians directly with one of our trainers. This can be done by email, telephone or correspondence course work and progress tracked on a module by module basis.

One on One training courses are presented in a modular format and candidates can work through them at their own pace or as workloads permit. Throughout the duration of the course our allocated trainer will be available to answer any questions or assist the candidate to ensure they get the best learning experience.


One of DCSPS’s most popular courses is our in house fault finding course. These courses are particularly helpful to maintenance technicians as they can gain valuable hands on experience that can be easily applied to their work back on-site. Training can be concentrated on hardware or software fault finding techniques.


Call us to see how we can help you maintain the effectiveness of your team.

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It