ABB SPBRC410 Bridge Controller.
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The ABB SPBRC410 controller is a high-performance, high-capacity process rack controller designed to interface with Harmony block I/O, Harmony rack I/O, and S800 I/O in the Symphony Enterprise Management and Control System. The controller is fully compatible with the INFI 90 OPEN system in functionality, communication, and packaging.

The controller is fully compatible with the INFI 90® OPEN system in functionality, communication and packaging and supports S800 I/O through IOR 800. The controller collects process I/O, performs control algorithms and outputs control signals to process level devices. It imports and exports process data of other controllers and system nodes, and accepts control commands from operators and computers connected to the network.

It is also designed for redundancy (two controllers are required).

The ABB SPBRC-410 controller has an Ethernet interface that allows the module to communicate with other Ethernet enabled devices using ModbusTCP protocol.

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Dimensions 43 × 36 × 16 cm