ABB NTMP01 Multi-Function Processor Termination Unit.

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The ABB NTMP01 termination unit is a Harmony rack communication device.

It provides serial communication ports for a Harmony rack controller.

Control Net-to-computer communication interface where the computer connects to the computer interface through one of the RS-232-C ports, and Control- Net to-Cnet communication interface where it supports bi-directional communication between a Central Control Network (Control Net) and a satellite Cnet through the RS-232-C ports.

This Termination Unit has two isolated RS-232-C ports that can be configured to operate as either data communication equipment or data terminal equipment.

Port zero passes system data only, port one passes system data or can be used as a diagnostic port.

It also has one non-isolated RE-485 port.

The ABB NTMP01 also provides a station link connection for serial communication between the controller and an IISAC01 Analog Control Station.

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