All systems, whether hardware or software, will eventually become obsolete, or worse, start crashing, impacting on business operations, causing downtime and safety risks. The DCSPS HMI upgrade solution allows you to future proof this critical element of your plant equipment.

OPC is a software interface standard that allows Windows programs to communicate with industrial hardware devices. Almost all DCS/PLC systems are OPC compliant, which means your system should be able to benefit.


After extensive research DCSPS chose to partner with ICONICS, who specialise in advanced HMI SCADA solutions designed for Microsoft operating systems. This hardware independent solution allows you to benefit from the latest HMI technological solutions without being locked into the original manufacturers contracts.


Understanding the performance and configuration of your Bailey DCS system can be crucial in maximising your investment.

Whether you need batch process graphics, flow diagrams, permissive tables or system status screens, we take great pride in producing up-to-date dynamic graphics that enhance all the features of the Bailey DCS application.

DCSPS can configure HMI graphics to load into your operator HMI console. Graphics can be configured in most Bailey platforms including OIS, SODG, PCV, Conductor and many others. We can modify graphics or create new graphics from scratch. These custom graphics can be configured from P&ID drawings or from your own designs.


Contact us to find out how your business can be supported by a DCSPS tailored HMI upgrade solution.

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Happy Customers

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It