About Us

Who we are

  1. Our customers represent some of the largest and prominent global delivery companies in their sectors. They are primarily located across the UK and Europe.
  2. From a solid foundation, we are extending our team’s capabilities through an organic growth strategy, which enables us to recruit people who have a cultural as well as technical fit with us.
  3. Through a tried and tested development and training plan, we will bring their skills to you as part of our high value proposition.
  4. Our main area of expertise is with ABB Bailey Symphony, Harmony, Infi-90 and Net-90 Distributive Control Systems.
  5. DCS Parts and Services Ltd was relaunched from our original name of S&J Engineering Ltd.

Our founder


“Our solid reputation for technically robust and creative DCS systems has been the bedrock of our continuous growth. By understanding the business needs of our customers, we are able to apply our full teams resources to deliver services which integrate with and complement our customer’s technical teams.

Through my philosophy of maintaining complex DCS systems through an innovative combination of applied technical skills which utilise both new and carefully refurbished parts, and a continued attention to detail, we are at the forefront of maximising the full commercial life of our customers DCS installations. As a result we are considered the least risk and best value DCS solutions provider by our customers across the energy supply sector.

I’m proud to have been supporting our customers for over 20 years and look forward to continuing to develop leading solutions for the next generation of DCS systems.”

Steve Varney
Founder & Managing Director

Our goal is to provide tailored solutions, offering the best value and with a quality of service you will never forget.