Configuration Engineering

At DCSPS we have specialist engineers that are fully conversant with all platforms of configuration tools, from DOS based engineering tools to the latest Composer software tools.

We can complete configuration engineering work, with project scope including:

  • Clean-up of existing configuration drawings, ensuring borders are correct/updated, removal of old text information etc.
  • Adding to an existing configuration project where you may be expanding your plant or process.

We can work with most standard forms of documentation including P&ID drawings, functional design specifications, instrument data sheets, flow diagrams and many more.

Projects of this type can be engineered from our own offices or from your on-site facilities.

Upgrading CAD/EWS to ABB Composer

We know that conversion of old projects to Composer can be daunting.

With DCSPS running these projects, you can be assured of a clean and effective conversion of files. All we require from you would be your old CAD files, the Database in ttg format, Logic State Descriptors, and Engineering Units. We can even add your HMI graphics to your composer project.

Database Manipulation

One of the inherent problems with the manipulation of the database in a Bailey configuration project is the sensitivity of the database structure. Exporting to other software packages and reimporting often corrupts the database.

Using the expertise of DCSPS, you can quickly and efficiently modify and manipulate your exported configuration database so that it will import correctly back into your configuration project.

HMI Process Graphics

Understanding the performance and configuration of your Bailey DCS system can be crucial in maximising your investment.

Whether you need batch process graphics, flow diagrams, permissive tables or system status screens, we take great pride in producing up-to-date dynamic graphics that enhance all the features of the Bailey DCS application.

DCSPS can configure HMI graphics to load into your operator HMI console. Graphics can be configured in most Bailey platforms including OIS, SODG, PCV, Conductor and many others. We can modify graphics or create new graphics from scratch. These custom graphics can be configured from P&ID drawings or from your own designs.

On-Site P&ID Loop Tuning

Running your plant efficiently and at optimum levels can be a crucial part of supporting your business.

We are able to help you achieve this by ensuring the process loops are fine tuned to fit the best function curves possible. This will also greatly improve the alarm management of your system as well.

This fine tuning requires a process engineer to sit with the DCS engineer to tune the loops and look at trends of the Set Point, Process Variable and Control Output to see that the loop has been tuned effectively and to its designed parameters.

If you want to remove this time-consuming process then please contact us to find out how we can work with you.

Engineering Manpower

We have the skills and resources to deliver on a full spectrum of DCS engineering projects.

Our experienced team can run and resource manage key DCS projects that optimise your investments. From site service engineers to process control engineers, from software manipulation to configuration engineering, DCSPS can work at your site or from our own service and maintenance hub.

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