Custom Kits

Supported by our extensive technical advice, we offer a range of common simulated field devices which can be configured. These include:

  • 24VDC Digital Inputs and Outputs.
  • 4-20mA Analogue Inputs and Outputs.

The quantity of inputs and outputs can be configured in groups of 14, 15 or 16 channels.

Typically the digital inputs would be a series of 16x DPST toggle switches with confirmation LED’s that illuminate when the corresponding digital input channel registers a “1” within the control logic. The digital outputs would be a series of 16x red LED’s which would light for a digital output set to a logic level “1”. The analogue inputs would consist of 15x (IMFEC12, IMASI02) or 16x (IMASI23) channels configured with a 10 turn potentiometer with current limiting resistor to prevent short circuit. The analogue outputs would usually consist of 14x 4-20mA loop powered 7 segment displays. Each display can be configured to show 0-100% or 4-20mA. Each display has adjacent ¼” jack available to plug in a digital ammeter to allow measuring the current in the loop if necessary.

Each set of inputs and outputs are wired to a row of labelled Weidmuller terminals that have quick blow fuses. Each channel has a two wire circuit allowing for field or system powered configurations.

Various customised configurations are available where any combination of digital and analogue inputs and outputs can be built into a standard 12U high, 19″ rack ABS carry case. A front and rear lid can be quickly removed using butterfly clips when in use and re-attached offering protection when storing and ease of transportation. Our 12U high simulator will fit into any standard size hatchback car.

We are able to provide comprehensive DCS simulators from our range of bespoke Custom Kits and so look forward to discussing your requirements.